Noah Barehmi ’20

Project Title: OWU Campus Sustainability
Mentor: John Krygier

Throughout the spring of 2018, students of GEOG 499 and faculty member John Krygier are working on sustainability projects. So may include: May Move out, environmental/sustainable living experience for first-year students, increasing sustainable options offered by Chartwells, and increasing both composting and recycling efforts on campus. The students are in charge of being stewards of sustainability on campus while implementing parts of the campus-wide sustainability plan. Even though there is an interest in sustainability on campus there little funding for projects, little comprehensive knowledge, and no sustainability coordinator. With the ambitious efforts of students, faculty, and staff these projects can be completed. The primary objective of the group is to expand learning opportunities for students who want to be more involved in sustainability on campus. This work will lead to changing university infrastructure to make sustainability possible. Ultimately, students are developing broader conceptual ideas about sustainability, after reflecting on their engaged efforts in the course. Some of these conceptual issues will be presented.

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David Markwardt, Associate Dean of the OWU Connection