Comparison of Two Different Stretching Interventions on Glenohumeral Range of Motion of Overhead Athletes

Student: Jackson Brownstein
Mentor: Andrew Busch (OWU Department of Health & Human Kinetics)

The baseball throwing motion repetitively creates large forces on the shoulder and elbow as the arm dynamically moves through susceptible end-range positions. Many retrospective studies have demonstrated relationships between a decrease in shoulder ROM and shoulder injuries, such as labral tears and impingement syndrome. In collegiate baseball players, poor shoulder ROM increases the likelihood of experiencing overuse symptoms during the season. The question often asked by coaches is how to best improve shoulder ROM in players that have had prior problems with overuse injuries. Understanding the differences between dynamic and passive flexibility routines have on improving shoulder mobility within a single intervention may help coaches and athletes choose appropriate exercises to efficiently increase shoulder mobility. The objective of this study is to compare dynamic mobility and passive stretching in the upper extremities to determine which may be a better intervention.

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