Misconceptions About Young Children Proven Wrong Through Research

Student: Chloe Bush
Mentor: Katherine Glenn-Applegate (OWU Department of Education)

Through research, teachers can learn about the best pedagogies to authentically teach students content in a holistic way. A teacher’s job is to teach content-area subjects such as science and social studies, that aligns with learning goals the teacher aims for children to understand. With English language arts and mathematics often being the main focuses in most elementary classrooms, science and social studies can get pushed aside. Because these subjects typically aren’t given equal time, adults outside of education may hold misconceptions about children’s ability to learn these two content-area subjects. Misconceptions can occur when adults do not understand what students can and cannot do or learn. These misconceptions can be proven wrong through research: young children are often able to learn content at a much higher level than is commonly expected. With the support of a motivated teacher who creates a meaningful lesson and activities, students will be able to learn this challenging content.

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