Kaitie Welch

“Translations for Palazzo Arti Fumetto Friuli”


Professor Stefania Bertolini-Puckett and I created an interdisciplinary project that combined the English and Modern Foreign Language departments for a TPG. Our TPG achieved obtaining new experiences abroad, practicing the Italian language, and constructing translations for the benefit of comic and graphic novel fans around the globe.

We traveled to Pordenone, Italy where we worked on a project that consisted of visiting the PAFF! art museum that is directed by famous graphic artist Giulio De Vita, interviewing De Vita and graphic artist Emanuele Barison, and crafting a plan of action for reworking and translating the museum's website from Italian to English.  While in Pordenone, I was able to practice the Italian language that I had been studying under Professor Bertolini-Puckett for the past four years and obtain information about the comic, graphic art, publishing, and non-profit industries through the two cultured professionals. 

Professor Bertolini-Puckett and I worked at PAFF! daily in order to cultivate an improved version of the museum’s website, discussing additions, cuts, and layout options. Along with De Vita and various members of staff and volunteers, we came to a consensus of what the website should not only look like but also include.

The project is on-going through this semester, and since returning from Italy, I have worked on translations of the website which are corrected by Professor Bertonlini-Puckett, created sample layout blueprints for the website pages, and we have both been in contact with PAFF! to curate new information that should be added. When the translations are finished and corrected, they will be looked over by Dr. DeMarco from the English Department in order to ensure that they are correct and reach professional standards before publication.

My Experience:

One of my main goals in life is to be, at least, trilingual. Before coming to OWU, I wasn't sure what the two initial languages would be. However, I chose to take Italian because I've dreamt of going to Italy since I was a little girl. I remember buying a small, Italian dictionary at a local yard sale and carrying it around everywhere so that I could teach my friends random vocabulary. When I walked into my first Italian class with Professor Bertolini-Puckett, I knew that I had made the right decision. I have been taking Italian classes under Professor Bertolini-Puckett for four-years at OWU, and I am beyond thankful that I have been given the opportunity through OWU. 

Prior to planning this TPG, I had never heard of Pordenone, Italy. It is a relatively small town about an hour away from Venice, with gorgeous architecture that is rich with history and tradition. It was hard to find any part of the town that was not photogenic, a person who was not friendly, or a dog that did not have an adorable tail wag. Pordenone is truly a hidden gem in Italy, with some of the best food I have ever eaten. 

When staying in Pordenone, Professor Bertolini-Puckett and I stayed in an apartment right by the town's center. I was able to experience what everyday life is like in Italy - we lived, worked, ate, and shopped in parr with Italian culture. This experience allowed me to envision life in other countries and cultures. When I had gone on trips before the TPG, it was always very structured with tourist-type activities along with educational ones. In Pordenone, I was able to see the different kinds of trips and educational opportunities that there truly are, even though straying from prior experiences was out of my wheelhouse!

Outside of the classroom setting, I have never worked with translations. At PAFF! I was able to take my communications, writing, and web design skills and put them into the formation of a plan to restructure the PAFF! website. Not only am I working to translate the website's information from Italian to English, but I am also working with PAFF! and Professor Bertolini-Puckett to create a website that's structure is clear and accessible for fans worldwide. 



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