Table of Contents

OWU Connection / IOCP Office – Lead Contacts, Mail & Courier 

Please note the following contact information in place for the summer:  

  • International Students: Darrell Albon   +1-740-368-3072
  • Study Abroad / Domestic Off-Campus Programs: Lisa Ho  +1-740-368-3075
  • OWU Connection Programs: Darrell Albon  +1-740-368-3072
  • After-hours / weekend contact  number:  +1-614-579-5398   (Please do not text this number.)
  • When calling, if no answer, please leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mail, courier and other deliveries to the OWU Connection / IOCP Office are collected and processed by IOCP staff Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please note that both FedEx and DHL are advising of transit/delivery delays.

Travel and University-Supported Activity Restrictions

  • All University-sponsored international travel and activity is prohibited until further notice.  Restrictions remain for all FA/20 international travel until further notice.
  • All University-supported domestic travel and activities are prohibited until further notice. Essential domestic travel for employees must be approved by their VP or Provost.  Restrictions for FA/20 domestic travel and off-campus program activities are pending. 
  • All planned University-sponsored student travel over the summer has been canceled. Follow OWU Connection / IOCP Office guidance on postponement/cancelation; contact the IOCP Office if you have questions.
  • University employees must obey Federal, State and local government orders and guidance regarding international travel.​ OWU restricts travel to countries with level 3 and level 4 U.S. Dept of State travel advisories. Contact the IOCP Office for more information, or if you have questions.
  • Those who return to campus must complete the confidential Campus Return Registration Form at least 48 hours before their return to campus. 

Information for International / Global Nomad Students

  • Please read all emails from us, including the IOCP Bulletin, and follow IOCP guidance, especially the important information given regarding maintenance of immigration status for F-1 visa students and mandatory reporting.
  • OWU will provide sufficient fall semester remote learning options for students who are unable to return to campus for medical or travel limitation reasons.
  • OWU is working on a plan to test all students when they arrive on-campus and will isolate those who test positive for the virus or quarantine those who have had a high risk of exposure.
  • The revised calendar for Spring 2020 will be published in the coming weeks.
  • Please review the DHS Study in the States website: Study in the States – COVID-19 Page (also see the update Study in the States -- Updates Page.  Please also review the DHS main Study in the States student website: Study in the States – Students .
  • There have been no changes to employment authorization regulations for students in F-1 visa status.  Reminders:  F-1 students cannot work off-campus without permission. On-campus work for an OWU department done remotely is permitted.  Those currently authorized for CPT must notify Darrell within 10 days of any change in their CPT status.  If you have any questions about your eligibility for employment, contact Darrell prior to agreeing to be employed. 
  • Please note that courses taken C/NoE will count towards full-time status.  C/NoE Information Page.
  • Tax reporting deadlines have been moved to July.  If you have questions about your Glacier account or filing through Glacier, please contact Glacier directly.  Other questions or for general guidance please contact Gerri by email through Friday, April 10th, after this date contact Darrell.
  • International students are not eligible for the U.S. Government CARES Act $1,200 (Economic Impact Payment) through the IRS.  You must return this to the US Government--please see questions 2 and 54 on this website for more information and instructions on returning the payment.  (In very rare cases, an international student who has been in the USA for more than 5 years may be eligible for this payment.)  Contact Darrell if you have questions.
  • If your F-1 visa is expiring in 2020, make plans to return to the USA prior to your visa expiring.  As of 1 June, most all US embassies and consulates around the world are only handling exceptional emergency visa appointments.  IOCP will continue to monitor USA consular services availability.
  • Returning books to the OWU Bookstore:  The Bookstore understands the difficulty that international students might have in returning books after the SP/20 semester ends.  Please contact the Bookstore directly to make alternate arrangements for the return of your books
  • If you have any question, please contact Darrell directly.  Do not hesitate to call the 24/7 cell number above if you have questions or concerns after business hours or on the weekend.

Information for Students Studying Away (Study Abroad and Domestic Programs)

  • Spring 2020 -- Students who have studied off-campus should follow-up with their programs directly regarding arrangements for completion of course work, transfer of academic credit and also regarding any refunds or other adjustments to their billing for which they might be eligible.  Please see OWU IOCP Off-Campus Billing, Fees & Deposits, and Refunds information. 
  • Summer 2020 – All 2020 Summer study away programs at partner institutions and organizations have been canceled. 
  • Fall 2020 -- Fall 2020 study abroad is canceled. Domestic study away programs may also be canceled.
  • Spring 2021 -- Spring 2021 study abroad programs may be canceled.  Students are encouraged to expect postponement/cancellation and prepare by enrolling for classes on-campus. 

Information about Travel-Learning Courses

  • 2020 May Travel-Learning Courses have been postponed until 2021 May. Information about the new 2020/2021 Travel-Learning Course Program will be released in due course.  Students have been de-registered from TLC's, except in a few extraordinary cases in which faculty have made alternate arrangements to complete the .25 Unit course work.
  • Student charges for 2020 May Travel-Learning Courses have been removed from student accounts.  

Information About Theory-to-Practice Grants, Small Grants and other Institutionally Sponsored Travel

  • Theory-to-Practice, Small Grant and institutionally sponsored student travel for the summer of 2020 has been canceled or postponed. For questions about this, please contact Lisa Ho.
  • Third Round (2020 March) of the 19/20 academic year:  TPG proposals submitted for this round will be evaluated.  Those awarded funding will have to be postponed or canceled until restrictions are removed.  Evaluator feedback will be provided.  It is hoped that applicants will be notified of the review committee's decisions within the normal time frame, but notifications might be a week or two late.

The OWU Connection Student Symposium

  • The 2020 Student Symposium is now online. The Student Symposium showcases the research and creative work of students across the academic spectrum and provides an opportunity for students to share their work with the OWU community and enter a dialogue that can spur ideas for new projects.  Please visit the Student Symposium website.