Planning Your Arrival Date

Fall 2024 Arrival Date: Monday, 12 August

You must plan to arrive on the designated arrival day.  The New Student Arrival Notification form is available in the New Students: Over the Summer section of this website. Attendance at all programs is required: Please plan to arrive on-time.

Students who are unable to arrive by the start date may need to defer to the Spring Semester.

We will provide transportation to all international students who arrive on the Official Arrival Day, at any time of the day or night. Transportation will be provided ONLY from John Glenn International Columbus (CMH), formerly Port Columbus International Airport. New International Student Orientation Leaders (NISOLs) will be waiting for you at the baggage claim area when you arrive. 

Even if we will not be meeting you at the airport, please let us know when you are coming and how you plan to get here. Knowing your arrival plans allows us to prepare. Once your travel plans are fixed, please fill out the "Arrival Notification" form. Please make sure that we have your complete itinerary with all of the information for all legs of your trip—all connecting flights, all airlines, all times of arrival and departure.  Please prepare yourself for delays. 

John Glenn International Airport (CMH) is served by all of the major airlines. In making flight reservations, please be sure that you are scheduled to arrive at Columbus, Ohio. Several states other than Ohio have cities named Columbus. The airport code "CMH" should appear on your baggage tags.

The Day of Arrival

Arrival by plane: We provide free transportation from the airport for new students arriving only on the Official Arrival Date (Monday, August 12, 2024). Please note: We can only pick-up students at Port Columbus International Airport (CMH). We cannot pick up those arriving by bus/highway coach or those arriving at other airports. There is no bus/highway coach service to Delaware.


  • 1-740-368-3070 IOCP OFFICE NUMBER (09:00—17:00 New York Time)
  • 1-614-579-5398 IOCP DIRECTOR'S CELL NUMBER (call anytime 24/7)
  • Through the OWU New International Student WhatsApp account.

We will have a bus making trips back and forth to the airport on the Official Arrival Day. With many students expected, and arriving at different times, some will have to wait a bit at the airport until a few more new students arrive so that the shuttle can carry a group of you. Please try to avoid arriving early in the morning (depending on other arrivals you may have a longer wait at the airport).

Because limited capacity, we are unable to provide transportation for new students who are accompanied by parents or relatives. Families must rent a car because public transportation in Delaware is very limited and taxis are few and expensive.

If you do not notify us of your travel plans, we will be unable to meet you at the airport. Taxi (cabs) are available between the airport and Delaware but are very expensive. The current cost of taxi transportation from the airport is approximately $100 to $125 for a one-way trip (not including tip).

If your luggage is lost or damaged, be sure to file a report with the airline at the airport before coming to campus. Our New International Student Orientation Leaders ("NISOLs") who will be meeting you at the airport, will be glad to help you with this procedure.

OWU operates airport shuttles back and forth to CMH during the major breaks within the school year. 

Arrival by car or taxi: For those who are coming directly to our campus by car or taxi on Monday, please note the following:

  • Please let us know the approximate time of your arrival on campus.
  • Please come to the lobby of Slocum Hall first.

We will have your arrival packet, residence hall room key and other information for you. We will also have staff available to answer your questions. Parking is available next to the HWCC, just off of Spring Street, or in Selby Stadium, just off Henry Street.

Arrival at Ohio Wesleyan: You will be met by OWU staff or students who have volunteered to help with New Student Orientation. If you arrive unexpectedly, please call IOCP (740-368-3075). You will be escorted to our office where you will check in and receive your orientation packet, room assignment and keys, and your OWU Student ID Card.

Early arrival:  Some students decide to arrive early in the USA and then travel around, visit family and/or friends, etc. and then arrive later at OWU. If you are planning on doing something like this, please note the "earliest admission date" on the I-20 form.  Also note comments on these new student resource pages about health insurance and purchasing a "gap" insurance that provides coverage up through 1 August.

What to Bring and How to Get It

Clothing: Because of the seasonal variations in the climate, it is important to include in your wardrobe lightweight and heavyweight clothing as well as rain apparel. Temperatures here can begin to drop in late September. The coldest temperatures generally occur in January and February. Warm, winter clothing is a necessity and can be found in shops in Delaware or Columbus.

In late August and early September, the temperatures here may sometimes be quite warm during the day (32-35°C.) and cool at night (16-20°C.). It would be best to have lightweight and heavyweight clothing with you, just in case. Delaware stores are within walking distance of campus and the University occasionally provides van service.

There is no official or required dress code at Ohio Wesleyan. Most students (both men and women) wear very casual clothing, often jeans or sweatpants, almost all the time. Both men and women wear shorts to class in warm weather. Occasionally, you might need more formal attire, such as a sports coat or suit and tie for men or a dinner/party dress for women, or traditional dress of your culture. Overall, informal and comfortable clothing is practical for everyday occasions.

Cultural Items: Horizons International and other student organizations with an international focus, along with community organizations provide opportunities for you to wear your native dress, to sing or play musical instruments, to display objects of cultural interest from your country, to discuss various aspects of your way of life, or to prepare the cuisine of your country. We strongly encourage you to bring items of cultural interest, such as native dress, photos, books, slides, music, and cultural objects.

Spices: Many spices and foodstuffs from other countries can be purchased in Columbus. However, it might be good to bring whatever spices are permitted by U.S. Customs. Kitchens are available in most residence halls, but students are responsible for providing their own tableware and cooking utensils.

Appliances: Most electrical outlets in the U.S. provide 110-volt alternating current (AC) at a frequency of 60 cycles. Appliances brought from some countries will not work on this current or will work only with a transformer and a special adapter that has blade-like (not rounded) prongs. It is easier to purchase electrical equipment here than to locate an adapter.

Linen, Bedding, and Furnishings: Students must provide items such as sheets, pillowcases, pillows, bedspreads, blankets, towels, and room furnishings (desk lamps, area rugs, an alarm clock, and so on). Since bed sizes may vary from country to country, it may be best to buy sheets, blankets, and bedspreads after you arrive in the United States. Most of these items can be bought easily and inexpensively in Delaware or Columbus. Most students, however, find it more convenient by far to order their linens, towels, pillows, etc. through our approved vendor If you order well ahead of time, your items can be here waiting for you when you arrive. Most of the mattresses in the residence halls are 36 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Money: Before coming to the United States, you should familiarize yourself with procedures for transferring funds for your studies from your home country. In addition, you should be prepared to meet your initial expenses here for tuition, room and board, insurance, books, and personal items.

For security reasons, it is not advisable to carry large quantities of money except in the form of traveler's checks or international bank drafts. Be sure to carry enough U.S. dollars to get you through the first few days or the first week until you establish a bank account.

Please remember that if you are carrying large quantities of currency, you must declare this fact to customs officials. If you do not, you could have your currency confiscated. Again, you are advised to not carry too much currency with you.

If you wish to transfer funds to your student account at Ohio Wesleyan before your arrival, please send an international bank draft payable to Ohio Wesleyan University, to the attention of our Accounting Office. Please make sure your name appears on the draft so that your personal student account can be credited. Should you wish, Ohio Wesleyan will hold money you transfer in excess of your first semester's tuition, room and board, and release it to you upon arrival so that you can open your own personal bank account at a Delaware bank. We must have written permission from your parents to release the extra funds to you. During orientation, we will assist you in opening a personal checking or savings account.

Luggage: Each piece of luggage should be of a size and weight that you can handle. Please do not bring very large suitcases. Two medium-sized suitcases are much easier to handle and less likely to be damaged than one enormous suitcase. You will have to be able to carry your luggage from the airport to the van and from the van to your room by yourself. In addition, make sure that all bags are well secured. Each year there are a few students whose luggage (even new pieces) gets damaged in transit. Straps around a suitcase can hold it together even if the lock or opening mechanism gets damaged. Airlines do occasionally lose luggage that has been checked. Make sure that tags with your name and address (Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio 43015, USA) are on both the outside and inside of all suitcases. To prevent inconvenience in case of loss, try to carry enough things in a carry-on bag to get you through a day or two.

Advance Shipping: Luggage or boxes shipped before your arrival are sent at your own risk. Please address packages with your name, c/o Central Receiving, Ohio Wesleyan University, 28 Hayes Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015, USA. You should also write "New International Student, arriving FALL 2022August."

Cell (mobile) phones: Most all of our students who have cell phones subscribe to the local Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Virgin plans. Most first-year students can purchase a SIM Card with their passport & I-20. However, it can be challenging to sign onto a new carrier or purchase a new phone without a Social Security Number (SSN). This can be frustrating. Please ask returning students for advice regarding which plan or provider they currently use to get the most up to date information regarding cell service.

Average Monthly Temperatures in Central Ohio
Month Low (F) Low (C) High (F) High (C)
Jan 20 -7 36 2
Feb 24 -5 41 4
Mar 32 0 52 11
Apr 41 5 63 17
May 52 11 73 23
Jun 61 16 82 28
Jul 65 18 85 30
Aug 63 17 84 29
Sep 56 13 77 25
Oct 44 7 65 19
Nov 35 2 52 11
Dec 26 -3 41 5

Entering the United States

After your arrival at your port of entry in the United States, there will be two inspections (after perhaps a long wait in line): First by an immigration official who will "admit" you to the United States as an F-1 (student); second by a customs official who will ask you about and maybe check the things you are bringing into the country. You should carry with you:

  • Passport (with your US F-1 visa)
  • Form I-20 (usually in an US Embassy/Consulate sealed envelope)
  • SEVIS fee receipt (Form I-901)
  • Financial support / certification documents
  • Letter of acceptance

You will probably be asked to show only your passport and your Form I-20. You may be asked to show the other items as well. 

If asked, you must allow US authorities access to all electronic devices that you have with you, including phones & computers. You must also allow access to any and all of your social media and other personal electronic accounts.

You should make copies / save images of all of the above documents in your checked baggage as a back-up, just in case something happens to your originals.

If you are missing any of the documents necessary for entrance, the immigration official has the ability to deny your entrance into the US. However, this is not common practice. Instead, you may be granted to enter the US for only 30 days. The stamp notation will read, "F-1 or J-1 with a DATE of 30 days after the day of your arrival". If this happens, DO NOT PANIC. Just make sure that you let IOCP know as soon as you arrive on campus so that we can take care of it.

The immigration official will inspect your passport and your I-20 and may ask you some questions like, "What college will you be attending", or "What do you plan to study?" Do not be alarmed by these questions—the official is only trying to make sure that your answers match the information given on the paperwork. Keep your answers simple and direct. At inspection, the official will stamp in your entry and write F-1, D/S, (for Duration of Status). Again, make sure that the passport is properly stamped for this stamp is very important. It is proof that you have been lawfully admitted to the U.S.

When you arrive in Delaware and have access to a printer, please print your I-94 admission information and keep it with your other information forms. You can do this by filling out this online form: This admission information will have an Admission (I-94) Record Number that is very important and should be kept with all your other immigration documents.

You may also be asked whether you are bringing any food into the country. Do not bring any food with you. Food you received on the plane should be left on the plane. It is forbidden to bring perishable foodstuffs, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat or plans into the U.S. Also forbidden are articles made from certain protected species of animals. If you use medications that contain narcotics or which are administered by syringe, carry a signed prescription from you physician with the medicine. Also, tell your physician about your upcoming visit to the U.S., since he/she may have to prescribe alternate medications (some controlled substances are prohibited, even in medicine). Penalties for smuggling narcotics are severe.

IMPORTANT–If you are a citizen of Canada, Mexico or the Bermuda, please contact the IOCP. Your entry requirements are different.

Beginning Your First Semester: Orientations and Other Events

At the start of your first semester at Ohio Wesleyan, there are a number of orientation events designed to acquaint you with the University and your new classmates. Here are the dates and activities that will fill your days in week one:

New International Student Orientation Tuesday & Wednesday, 13 & 14 August
Camp Oh-Wooo Thursday-Sunday, 15-18 August
Classes Start Wednesday 21 August

During this orientation, we get you settled in. We will give you your room assignment, take you around campus, show you downtown, take care of banking matters. Basically, you will be shown where everything is and how everything works. Orientation is a great way to meet new people from all around the world!

We also have a few group meetings during which we can discuss issues such as graduation requirements, courses, the academic system, how to pay bills, immigration, employment, life in the residence halls, how to make friends here, and so on.

Current students volunteer each year to become New International Student Orientation Leaders (NISOLs). These students assist new international and global nomad students when they arrive and help get them settled on campus. They also are available to answer questions and serve as points of contact. Each new international student and global nomad student will be connected to a NISOL. These will be informal mentors for the first semester.

All new international students will also be required to take a mandatory New International Student Orientation Course (UC099) during the first-half of the first semester. This is a 0.25 unit course. This course will cover important information regarding immigration regulations, cross-cultural communication issues, American culture, and American academic culture, etc.

Camp Oh-Wooo: 

Camp Oh-Wooo is a three-day experience that immerses incoming Bishops in everything OWU!

During the camp, you will build friendships with other new students, connect with great student leaders, and get to know supportive faculty and staff.

OWU offers four different types of camp experiences – Wilderness Camp, Service Camp, Challenge Camp, and City Camp. While each of the four camps offers a unique experience, all of them will focus on learning the traditions of OWU, building new friendships, reflecting on the transition into college, and building the skills and relationships necessary to thrive at OWU.

At each camp, you will be part of a small group of 6-8 new students led by two OWU student leaders who are excited to share their experiences with you. Small groups also include a faculty or staff member, and the activities you do with your group will be the foundation of your camp experience. You'll get to know your fellow Bishops, explore who you are, talk about the college experience, and learn what it means to be part of the OWU family.

Freshman Orientation 

Orientation sessions are held virtually in June. 

Health Insurance:

All international students are automatically enrolled in My AHP Care International Student Health Insurance plan. Coverage begins as soon as the student enters the USA, but not before August 1st.

  1. New students who will be arriving in the USA prior to 1 August must secure "gap" health/accident/sickness insurance coverage that is valid up to 1 August.
  2. Students and parents must review the details of this plan, including limitations and exclusions, co-payments and deductibles, and the annual out-of-pocket maximum cost.
  3. The cost for this insurance is around $2,300 per year (12 months).
  4. Students who have adequate coverage may waive this plan and receive a refund.  Submission of a waiver application must be made in a timely manner.
  5. My AHP Care coverage includes 24/7 access to medical and mental health telemedicine services
  6. Dental Insurance: My AHP Care coverage does not include dental insurance, except for some limited coverage for treatment related to injuries. (Please review the plan carefully).  Our students generally find that dental insurance is expenses and the coverage is limited. Please see IOCP staff if you would like more information.
  7. Information will be sent at the beginning of each academic year about enrolment, cost, and applying for a waiver.

For information about the OWU Student Health Center go here.

For information about OWU Counseling Service go here.



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