All of our service teams are student, faculty, or staff initiated. These programs shine the brightest when someone passionate about an idea takes on the responsibility and the effort to prepare a good experience. 

Do you have a good idea for a future Service team?

If so, feel free to download the form below, which contains the Service Team Proposal Form and a Budget Detail Worksheet, and have a look at what we expect in submitted proposals. These forms have been designed in an attempt to help you think about the various aspects of a team that need to be planned.  While not every contingency or budget detail may be available to you at this point, we need as much information as possible to plan a viable and inclusive mission program each year.  Proposals are generally due at the end of May the year before you want your team to go into action. Applications will be considered over the summer with team slates announced in August.

Please note that as someone proposing a team, our expectation is that you plan to serve on the leadership team as either as student logistics leader, student reflection leader, or faculty/staff adviser.  If you have suggestions for persons to fill the other leadership positions on your team, please let us know.  Generally, leadership teams are assembled in August after the full slate of teams for the coming year is announced.

If you have questions, contact Chad Johns at 740-368-3088 or In the meantime, we wish you the best in developing your proposal and look forward to reading it!

Service Team Proposal Form

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