For additional information see the section "eligibility for services."

Sagan Academic Resource Center - Disability

I have been accepted by OWU and have decided to enroll. I have a diagnosed disability and would like to use accommodations at OWU. What do I do?

You need to send your documentation to the Accessibility Services Office. The sooner you do this, the better prepared that we can be to help you. Please send your documentation (preferably by May 1) to:

Stephanie L. Rowland
Coordinator of Accessibility Services

R.W. Corns 317
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015

Phone: 740-368-3990

What kind of documentation do I need?

We prefer documentation that establishes the history of you disability and how it limits your learning/academic coursework. In most cases, we need the most recent complete psycho-educational battery of tests administered (e.g. WAIS-IV, WJ-III) either by a psychologist at your school, or a private psychologist. We will accept your most recent Individualized Plan (IEP) and a Summary of Performance but prefer the multi-factored evaluation (MFE) or evaluation team report (ETR). For all other disabilities, please see the section of “printable forms,” and have your psychologist or physician fill out the appropriate form and submit it.

It is best to mail the documentation, rather than fax it or scan it in. Keep a copy for your own records.



How recent does the testing need to be?

Preferably, we would like test scores from high school that used adult-norms. We recognize though, that some districts do not retest in high school. If you were diagnosed earlier, we may accept documentation that is older to document the disability.

Classes begin soon, what do I do now?

Make an appointment with the Accessibility Services Office Coordinator to discuss your documentation, possible accommodations and learning strategies. Call the Sagan Academic Resource Center at (740) 368-3925 to make an appointment.


Can I have the same accommodations that I received in K-12? What about the recommendations that my doctor gave me?

Sometimes you may receive similar accommodations here at Ohio Wesleyan that you did in K-12. Remember, though, that you are no longer covered under the IDEA laws (see "Resources" page). The recommendations for accommodation from your doctor(s) are taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed to be granted.


I would like my professor(s) to know more about my disability. What should I do?

Keeping an open line of communication between yourself and your professor(s) can be very helpful. You are the person protected by the law and should be the one to communicate with your professor(s), not your parent(s). You alone may allow the Learning Strategist to communicate with your professor(s) about your disability concerns. Remember; you are not required to disclose your disability.


It's the middle of the semester and I just realized that I may need classroom and/or exam accommodations as a student with a disability. What do I do?

Make an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible by calling 740-368-3857


I think I might have a learning disability. What do I do?

Make an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible.


I have a temporary concern (e.g. post-concussive syndrome, broken bones that negatively impact my academic work), who do I talk to?

Temporary help is available for these situations. Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible.