The Testing Center at Ohio Wesleyan University exists to provide a space where Ohio Wesleyan University students can take exams in a controlled environment. We provide exam proctoring services for students who receive accessibility accommodations, and also for any student who needs to make up exams around athletic schedules or following an illness. All exams scheduled must be approved by the instructor.

The Testing Center is located in University Hall, rm. 114.

Testing Center Hours (by appointment only):

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

  • Friday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

  • All exams must be scheduled so that they will be completed (with extended time, if applicable) before the Testing Center closes for the day.

  • The Testing Center may have abbreviated hours during the first few days of fall or spring term, since there will be limited testing during that time. Please reach out to the Testing Center via email ( if you have questions concerning available hours prior to the second full week of classes.

  • The Testing Center is closed for testing during University breaks, holidays, and summer. 

In order to make a Testing Center reservation, you must:

  • Complete the Testing Center Request Form (beta testing) for each scheduled exam. Testing Center requests must be made at least two business days in advance of the requested date of exam. 

    • Final exams for Spring 2024 term must be scheduled by noon on Monday, April 22, 2024. Final exam locations may vary, as additional rooms must be reserved to accommodate the large number of exams being proctored. Regardless of location, Testing Center policies still apply and will be enforced. 

Note: You must receive the confirmation email that your exam request was submitted in order to successfully complete the exam request process.

Testing Center Policies:

For Students:

  • On the day of your scheduled exam, check in at the Testing Center. 

    • You are responsible for arriving at the time scheduled. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your time may not be extended. If you do not show up at the time scheduled, a new appointment (with instructor approval) must be made. 

  • All students must be prepared to show photo identification at check-in.

    •  Acceptable identification includes OWU Student ID, Driver's License, or Passport. Photo copy or electronic copy of ID will not be accepted. 

  • All personal belongings including but not limited to coats, hats, bags (including pencil bags/cases or eyeglass cases), and personal electronic devices, must be left near the check-in desk. 

    • Cell phones must be placed on airplane mode or turned off for the duration of the exam before stowing with your belongings. Placing your phone on vibrate is not acceptable. Use of your phone as a calculator, during an exam, is forbidden. No smart watches. Bringing any of these materials into an exam may be considered as academic dishonesty.

    • Dress in layers for your exam, especially if you think you may be cold. You may not wear outerwear, especially puffy winter coats, during an exam. 

  • Only religious head coverings may be worn in the Testing Center. 

    • Non-religious hats, hoods, or head coverings of any kind are not allowed to be worn while testing. Shirts with hoods may be worn, but the hood cannot cover the head during an exam. 

  • Non-noisy snacks and lidded drinks are allowed in the Testing Center, within reason. 

    • Drink and food containers are subject to inspection. If eating or drinking becomes disruptive to other students, you may be asked to refrain from this activity for the duration of the exam.

  • Earplugs or noise-reducing earmuffs may be worn during exams. 

    • These must be analog (non-digital, non-battery operated) as any connectable earbuds or headphones are not permitted in the testing space. Any earplugs or earmuffs brought into the Testing Center for use during an exam are subject to inspection. Single-use foam earplugs are available at the Testing Center check-in desk.

  • Students may use the restroom, if necessary, but only the restroom directly adjacent to the Testing Center may be used during an exam. 

    • Using the restroom on an alternate floor may be considered as academic dishonesty

    • Bathroom usage time in excess of 10 minutes may result in the professor being notified.

  • Any behavior that is disruptive to other students may result in suspension of exam and removal of the disruptive student from the testing space.

  • Only the materials authorized by your instructor will be permitted into the exam space. 

  • Computer use is limited to accessing the exam and your accommodations.

    • Any other use of the computer is strictly prohibited and may be considered as academic dishonesty

    • If you are scheduled to take a Blackboard-based exam in the Testing Center, you must bring your personal computer to the exam. All Testing Center computers are locked-down and do not have internet access.

For Faculty:

  • Faculty are required to provide the exam and instructions, including allotted time and allowed materials, to the Testing Center before Testing Center closing time on the business day prior to the scheduled exam, i.e. Monday exams should be uploaded to the Test Retrieval Portal before 2pm on the Friday preceding the exam.

    • If this timeline will not be possible, faculty must communicate this to the Testing Center with an expected time of delivery for the exam. Earlier submission is appreciated.

  • Completed exams will be returned either to faculty departmental mailboxes or scanned and emailed to the professor. Faculty can also pick up completed exams in the Testing Center during open hours. 

    • Faculty are expected to specify how they would like completed exams to be returned/picked up. The hard copy original of all scanned/emailed exams is kept in the Testing Center and may be requested by the professor. 

  • Exam files shared with the Testing Center will be destroyed at the end of each term. 

Testing Center contacts:

Anne Noonan, Testing Center Coordinator
(740) 368-3857 *The Testing Center is not available by phone while exams are in process.  

Amanda Rodenborg, Director of Accessibility Services
(740) 368-3990

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Sagan Academic Resource Center
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center #324
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