Exams and Quizzes coming up? Writing Assignment due soon?  We’re here to help!

OWU Tutors are here for you during our remote learning semester!

Email a tutor from the list below in the class or subject you’d like to work on, and the tutor will contact you to arrange a time and place to meet online. We’re mostly using Google Hangouts, but you can arrange other virtual meeting spaces if you and your tutor wish.

Subject or class not listed here? Contact your professor, or in a pinch visit TutorMe for 24/7 support.

Accounting 217 

Aakash Gupta aagupta2@owu.edu

Astronomy 110 (Andereck)

Parker Siegfried phsiegfr@owu.edu

 Biology 120/122

Megan Sievers mesiever@owu.edu

Makaila Weir mlweir@owu.edu

 Chemistry 111

Maddie Meyer mrmeyer@owu.edu

Computer Science 110

Ali Farooqui amfarooq@owu.edu

Economics 110, 251, 252

You should e-mail the Economics tutor at least one day in advance and check with the tutor whether they are available to meet with you. Given that all of us are off campus, please use the following link to meet a tutor online: https://tinyurl.com/ODEtutor.  Some tutors are in different time zones, so please be flexible when arranging a meeting time with a tutor. If the first tutor you contact is not available, please, email another tutor.

Hamzah Malik  hhmalik@owu.edu  (ECON 110)

Elizabeth Rohrs   earohrs@owu.edu  (ECON 110)

Kyle Wilgus  kfwilgus@owu.edu   (ECON 110)

Ashleigh Leonard  aeleonar@owu.edu   (ECON 110, 252)

Aakash Gupta  aagupta2@owu.edu  (ECON 110, 252)

Jack Funderburg   jjfunder@owu.edu   (ECON 110, 251 252)

Angie Munroe   aamunroe@owu.edu   (ECON 110, 251 252)

Chase Agin   cjagin@owu.edu  (ECON 110, 251 252)

Mayson Martin   mdmartin@owu.edu  (ECON 110)

Louis Yank    ltyank@owu.edu  (ECON 110, 251 252)

Julia Caple   jacaple@owu.edu  (ECON 110, 251 252)

Greg Margevicius   gamargev@owu.edu  (ECON 110, 251 252)

Jack Dugan   jfdugan@owu.edu  (ECON 110, 251 252)


Alexander Sanchez aisanche@owu.edu

Caroline Shaffer cgshaffe@owu.edu

Geology 110, 112

Jayson Blankenship jdblanke@owu.edu


Kate Falko kgfalko@owu.edu


Danny Sanders dosander@owu.edu


Nicole Clay nmclay@owu.edu

Robert Wu rrwu@owu.edu

Derian Mesaros dgmesaro@owu.edu

Mathematics 105, 108, 110, 111

Natalie Huebschman nahuebsc@owu.edu

Ly Hoang lhhoang@owu.edu

Muzaffar Yezden smyezdan@owu.edu

Physics 111, 116

Nadav Shaibe nnshaibe@owu.edu


Katy Tuggle kdtuggle@owu.edu   (PSYC 110, 210,262)

Maria Alonso mgalonso@owu.edu  (PSYC 110, 282)


Maria Alonso mgalonso@owu.edu

Pricila Rosillo pprosill@owu.edu

Ale Coronel-Zegarra aacorone@owu.edu

 Writing (all classes and subjects; any type of assignment)

Brandon Stevens brstevens@owu.edu

Makaila Weir mlweir@owu.edu

Emma Neeper erneeper@owu.edu

Vicki Lefevre  vglefevr@owu.edu

Craig Saarie  cfsaarie@owu.edu

General Questions and Appointments  writingcenter@owu.edu

 Zoology 251

Megan Sievers mesiever@owu.edu



The Sagan ARC in Corns 316 offers tutoring in Mathematics and Writing in the Sagan ARC and in Beeghly Library:

  • Spring 2020 Quantitative Skills Center Schedule (Mathematics) 
  • Spring 2020 Writing Center Schedule (writing in all classes and all subjects)

You can find specific times and locations where tutoring is available in more subjects on the Spring 2020 Peer Tutoring Schedule.

If you don't see the subject you are looking for on the schedule, check this Guide to Departmental Tutoring Services. 

If you have any questions, please talk to your professors about additional tutoring or other types of academic support that may be available in your courses.



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