We are still OPEN online!

To schedule an appointment with one of our tutors, please contact one of them directly by email.

Natalie Huebschman: nahuebsc@owu.edu
Ly Hoang: lhhoang@owu.edu
Muzaffar Yezden: smyezdan@owu.edu

You may also contact Katie Boyd, Quantitative Skills Center Coordinator, at kqboyd@owu.edu for an appointment or further questions.

The Quantitative Skills Center provides assistance to students taking Math 105, Math 108, Math 110, Math 111, and Math 230. We also offer assistance to students who are taking a course with a quantitative component such as astronomy, chemistry, economics, quantitative methods, etc. We can also assist students with the Graduate Record Examination preparation. The Q-Center is staffed with both a professional tutor and peer tutors available for one-on-one appointments. In addition, we have designated walk-in hours available to students for their quantitative needs.

Our Purpose

Build confidence, clear understanding, foster skill building! Our goal is to help students to gain confidence in their abilities in the “quantitative area,” of their course, i.e. mathematics. Our tutors work with you individually or in groups to help you better understand the quantitative material through working out problems with you, explaining concepts more deeply, and shadowing you as you work on problems on your own. Our tutors can also create a plan for you to continue to work with them on a weekly basis.

Who Can Come to the Q-Center?

All students that have an interest or desire to deepen their math skills and abilities in the quantitative area of their course. This includes students who may be struggling or feeling underprepared as well as students who are high-achieving in their math or quantitative.

Katie Boyd

Office: R.W. Corns 316
P   740-368-3925
E   kqboyd@owu.edu

The Quantitative Center


Sagan Academic Resource Center
R.W. Corns Building #316
61 S. Sandusky St.
Delaware, Ohio 43015
P 740-368-3925