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Our Philosophy

Our professional Academic Coaches work with all levels of students--including Honors students and under-prepared students--who want to maximize their academic potential by developing a creator (positive) mind-set, increasing motivation, developing structured work habits, and enhancing skills, practices, strategies, and knowledge in one or more of the following areas: 


Time Management

Reading Comprehension

Exam Preparation


For many college students, academic success begins when they recognize they are “off course”--i.e, that their life choices and self-sabotaging patterns of thought and behavior are preventing them from achieving their desired academic goals.   Only then can they begin to re-envision themselves as successful--or “smart”--students.  The first step in this process is gaining greater self-awareness by completing the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI).

 What is  the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)?

The LASSI is a research-based assessment designed to help you improve your academic and study skills. After completing your assessment, you will receive scores for ten different areas (or scales) categorized by three learning components, noted below.  Your LASSI results are standardized scores (percentile score equivalents), which will provide you with a “snapshot” of your strengths and challenges, compared to other college students.

Will: Motivation, Attitude, and Anxiety

Skill: Selecting Main Ideas, Information Processing, and Test Strategies

Self-Regulation: Self-Testing, Concentration, Time Management, and Using Academic Resources

How much time will it take to complete the LASSI?

The LASSI is a 60-question self-assessment and will take 10 to 20 minutes to complete. After you complete the LASSI, you can print a copy of your results or have the results sent to your OWU email.  Note: You need to complete the LASSI in one sitting.

You can meet with an Academic Coach to discuss your LASSI scores. Stop by the Sagan Academic Resource Center (Corns 316) or call (740-368-3925) to schedule an appointment.  Let the Sagan ARC staff member (at the front desk) know that you would like to discuss your LASSI results with an Academic Coach. 

You Can Start on the Path to Become a More Strategic Learner by Clicking Here to Take the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory: LASSI.

What should I do if I still have questions about completing the LASSI?

If you have questions after opening the link, below are detailed instructions and additional information about the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory.  

How do I request a pass code and complete the LASSI assessment?

  • Select “FIRST ADMINISTRATION” if this is your first time taking the LASSI assessment
  • Enter the following information and Submit:

School Number:

User Name

User Password

  • On the next page, complete the following entries and Check the box (X) to receive your results by email.

First Name:             ________________________

Last Name:             ________________________

OWU ID Number:    ________________________

Email Address:        ________________________

  • Respond to the 60 statements.   Reviewing the brief explanation below will prepare you to to select the most appropriate option for each question:

Not at all typical of me--This statement would be true of you only in rare instances.

Not very typical of me--This statement would generally not be true of you.

Somewhat typical of me--This statement would be true about you half of the time.

Fairly typical of me--This statement would generally be true of you.

Very much typical of me--This statement is not necessarily meant to describe you always, but it would be true of you almost all the time.

  • Submit your LASSI assessment after answering all the items according to how well the statements describe you.

How do I receive my LASSI scores?

After you submit your completed LASSI assessment, a report will be displayed with your scores for each of the 10 areas (or scales) along with an explanation of the results.  You can print a copy for your records. Your LASSI results will also be sent to your email if you provided your email address and checked the appropriate box when you first located the URL using your web browser.

Can I meet with an Academic Skills Center coach to review my LASSI scores?

Yes.  Please stop by the Sagan Academic Resource Center (Corns 316) or call (740-368-3925 to schedule an appointment with an Academic Skills Coach. Let the Sagan ARC staff member know that you would like to discuss your LASSI results.

What Other Study Skills Resources Are Available?

In addition to meeting with an Academic Skills Coach, please visit our ASC Resource web pages, which include include guidelines, videos, self-assessments, pre-tests, worksheets, printable time management calendars, and other tools to support your effort to enhance skills and in the following  and other areas: Test Preparation, Note Taking, Time Management, Reading Comprehension.

ASC, Academic Skills Interns

  • Sarah Bias
    • Walk-in hours 2p-4p Wednesdays in Corns 316 or by appointment.
  • Amna Ashfaq
    • Walk-in hours 3p-5p Tuesdays in Corns 316 or by appointment.


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