To help best prepare you for your appointment,  be sure to do the following before you visit…

  • Take notes in class, including sample problems your instructor does in class.
  • Circle concepts or problems you have trouble with or want to explore more deeply.
  • Work through your homework problems/assignments before you meet with your tutor so you can identify any problems you want to review with your tutor. 

Items to bring with you to your appointment…

  • Your textbook if your class is using one.
  • Your calculator and pencils.
  • Your class notes regarding assigned work. These might be helpful for clarifying the material.
  • Any homework problems/assignments you have worked through and have questions on.

During your appointment, you can expect…

  • To be treated kindly and with respect from all of our tutors!
  • To work in a positive and safe environment, where you can feel comfortable asking questions and receiving helpful feedback. 
  • To review and discuss your class notes and assignments, and to ask any questions you have about the quantitative material being covered in your class.
  • To be asked questions to help clarify your methods of working problems.
  • To receive suggestions regarding study skills, methods, and strategies that have proved helpful to others.
  • To receive support to ease any problem-related stress you are experiencing.
  • To discuss math concepts to help you understand the "how's and why's" of solving your assigned problems.
  • To receive references to books, resources, websites, and other self-help resources available for your use.
  • To create a follow-up plan for our next appointment!

Be sure to know that our tutors cannot...

  • Do homework problems for you.
  • Offer assistance with take-home assessments or quizzes.

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