Before Your Visit…

  • Take notes in class, including sample problems your instructor does in class.
  • Circle concepts or problems you have trouble with.
  • Do your homework problems before you meet with your tutor. That way the tutor can show you where in the problem-solving process you made errors. If you understand where you made an error, you can avoid it the next time.

Talking with your instructor is your best resource to help you with understanding and clarifying key concepts.

Bring With You…

  • Your text.
  • Your calculator and pencils.
  • Your class notes regarding assigned work. These might be helpful for clarifying the material.

What You Should Expect…

  • To review and discuss your class notes.
  • To be asked questions to help clarify your methods of working problems.
  • To receive suggestions regarding study methods and strategies that have proved helpful to others.
  • To receive support to ease any problem-related stress you are experiencing.
  • To discuss math concepts to help you start to understand the "how's and why's" of solving your assigned problems.
  • To receive references to books, computer software, and other self-help resources available for your use.
  • To identify items needing corrections and help to check those corrections.

What You Shouldn't Expect…

  • To drop off homework to be checked and picked up later.
  • To have your tutor correct errors. You'll have to make those corrections yourself.
  • To receive assistance with take-home assessments or quizzes.
  • To be intimidated.

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