Ryan (Bishop) Zlatanova ’17

Project Title: Costa Rican Leatherback Turtle Conservation
Mentor: Shala Hankison

The Earthwatch Institute’s Costa Rican Sea Turtle Conservation expedition allows participants to join marine biologists at a research station at Playa Grande, Costa Rica, in their daily leatherback sea turtle conservation work. The 9 day expedition allowed me to join the scientists on beach patrol every night during the nesting season, where we were on the look out for turtles laying their eggs. All eggs were collected from the beach and moved to a safe hatchery. The expedition offered unique glimpses into sea turtle biology, world class conservation efforts and the logistics behind them, and into Costa Rican nature. It was an outstanding opportunity to apply classroom knowledge of biology and conservation into the field, working side by side with dedicated scientists and learning more about my own interests in field research. Finally, the OWU Connection has a history with sea turtle conservation, especially in Costa Rica, and I hope my presentation on this project will supplement that and inspire future OWU students to pursue sea turtle conservation through the OWU Connection.

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David Markwardt, Associate Dean of the OWU Connection