Libuse L. Reed Endowed Professorship (2022)
Bishop Herbert Welch Meritorious Teaching Award (2017)
Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for Encouragement of Teachers (2003)

2022 Commencement Excerpt

An accomplished educator at OWU since 1997, Brad Trees has an innovative approach and a genuine interest in students’ success. In his introductory and upper-level physics courses, his students describe him as enthusiastic, dedicated, and amazing -- instilling a “fascination with physics students never expected they would have!”

An OWU alumnus, Dr. Trees shares a brilliant outlook on every subject, and has made students of STEM and non-STEM backgrounds fall in love with physics. He actively engages with them, extending learning beyond the regular academic year by helping to secure funding for administrate and participating in the National Science Foundation-Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. The prestigious program has provided mentored-research opportunities for Ohio Wesleyan students, as well as students from across the nation.

Dr. Trees’ specialty in theoretical condensed matter physics and research focus on the dynamics of Josephson junction arrays and the synchronization of coupled oscillators. This work has led to conference presentation opportunities and numerous publications as author and co-author. Congratulations and thank you, Dr. Trees, for your dedication and service!

2017 Commencement Excerpt

Dr. Trees, today you are receiving an award for excellence in teaching from a faculty that excels in shaping the minds and lives of students.  This is a considerable accomplishment not easily attained – and one that should fill you with great pride.

Dr. Trees’ colleagues describe his teaching as very well respected and liked by his students. This must be due, at least in part, to his fair treatment of students, his genuine interest in their welfare, and his strengths as an effective communicator.

Dr. Trees has played a pivotal role in extending student learning beyond the regular academic year by helping to secure funding, administer, and participate in an NSF-REU program that has provided mentored-research opportunities for Ohio Wesleyan students as well as students from across the nation.

The department student board wrote of Dr. Trees: “After taking classes with Dr. Trees, students often find themselves comparing every other professor to him. His lectures are almost artistic. From his color-coded chalk diagrams to his beautifully labeled outlines, Dr. Trees delivers something akin to how one could picture a perfect lecture.”

It is my great pleasure to present this award to Dr. Bradley Trees.

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