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OWU Magazine Article

Professor Bahrick Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Harry Bahrick, the Helen Whitelaw Jackson Professor of Psychology and a member of Ohio Wesleyan’s faculty since 1949, has won the 1994 American Psychological Foundation Distinguished Teaching in Psychology Award. The award recognizes outstanding teaching of psychology. Those who were nominated for the award must have demonstrated “effective teaching methods and/or materials, research, or other teaching activity; teaching of advanced research methods; and the administrative facilitation of out­ standing teaching.” Because of its emphasis on teaching research methods, the award is almost never given to a professor at an undergraduate liberal arts college. Bahrick, however, is nationally known for his pioneering research into the maintenance of long-term memory. In addition, he founded an innovative undergraduate research program at Ohio Wesleyan 20 years ago, which is still in operation in our psychology department.

“Harry has been an extraordinary teacher and mentor in the psychology department for more than four decades,” says department chair David Robbins. “His involvement in our research methods and statistics courses has been legendary. He has guided research projects for many students and his grants have provided summer research internships for numerous undergraduates.”

Ohio Wesleyan Magazine, Spring 1994