Bishop Herbert Welch Meritorious Teaching Award (1974)

Biography Excerpt

Dr. Stewart is the small man with the beard who is constantly bubbling over about every phase of life. The joie de vivre of this man is so pronounced that you can fall under his spell across a crowded room. You have undoubtedly seen him in the MUB talking with students about every topic imaginable and he is the magnetic center of the group. His voice, eyes and mood change constantly from one of tranquility and repose to one charged with vitality when talking about painting, sculpture or music. Dr. Stewart is the type of man you seldom see in repose. If you are taking the new Humanities course in music and art appreciation, that he teaches with Professor Bowlus, you will undoubtedly see him at his finest. This new course became a reality when people became convinced that the sense and form of music could be traced to art and art could both be traced to music and translated into music. Dr. Stewart is a very interesting person to talk to because of the wide range of topics that he is conversant with. As is to be expected, however, his major interest is art, especially modern art. Dr. Stewart is well known for his modern art pieces in the Midwest.

Dr. Stewart earned a Bachelor of line Art at Phillips University in 1942. It is interesting to note that he taught at this school both before and after receiving his degree. He spent two years in private study, studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes, Mexico; spent two years as a professional painter and then came to Ohio Wesleyan. Since he has been at Wesleyan he has completed work on a Ph.D. (Ohio State 1951) and has had numerous hangings of his paintings.