Love Ayinde

My name is Love Ayinde and I am an international student from Nigeria, presently residing in Columbus OH. I am an upcoming senior at OWU, double majoring in Computer Science and Quantitative Economics. I am a member of the OWU Club soccer team, chess club, and Black Men for the Future. I am extremely grateful and honored to have been selected to become a member of the Entrepreneurial Scholars Program. From a young age, I have been surrounded and influenced by my parents on how they handle businesses such as the sales of clothes, eggs, chickens, fish, and so on. In my teenage years, I got involved in a lot of their entrepreneurial activities and fine-tune them for the better. I am hoping to gain knowledge from mentors which would help build upon my foundation of experience and I am eager to learn and gain valuable insights from the Latham Entrepreneurial Scholars Program.

Madison Coleman

My name is Madison Coleman, but many people call me Maddie. I am a current sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan University and I am pursuing majors in Zoology and Environmental Science with a minor in history. I am a current member of the Student Biology Board, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and I am the Academic Development Director of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. I have always been passionate about wildlife and aiding the environment. Before entering OWU, I developed my own honey and beekeeping business which I learned a lot about entrepreneurship through my successes and failures. Unfortunately, circumstances have left me with having to dissolve my business, but my passion still remains to continue someday soon.I am hoping to learn more about the aspects of entrepreneurship through the Latham Entrepreneurial Scholars Program, so that I can gain valuable knowledge and important leadership skills. I am very excited to be a Latham Scholar and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Aubrey Dunham

My name is Aubrey Dunham and I am from Minerva, Ohio. I am in my sophomore year here at OWU and I’m double majoring in Business Management and Studio art. I have always loved creating and selling things. I got inspired to do my first official craft show going into my freshman year of high school by my older sister, who had sold her art at shows in the past and showed me it was possible to do so. Now going into my fifth year of selling both online, on my Etsy store, and at shows along with renaissance fairs, I know this is what I want and am meant to do. I am so excited to be part of the Entrepreneurial scholars program to grow, learn, and create more for my business and be alongside others who share the same passion as me.

Yewoinhareg Kebede

Yoyo Kebede is a Junior double majoring in French and Economics. She is a trilingual Ethiopian immigrant residing in Washington DC with a love for culture and diversity. On campus, she is a Global Scholar, Economics Research Fellow, secretary of Black Student Union, and a barista at Merrick Cafe. She has interned as a field fellow for an Ohio State Senate campaign and as an Operations Leadership Fellow at The Global Language Network in Washington DC as part of the Ronald Reagan Institute's Leadership and the American Presidency Program.

Kennedy Watkins

My name is Kennedy Watkins, and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am an upcoming Sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan University. I would like to major in Computer Science with a minor in Business. During my freshman year, I was a member of the economic management fellows program. During this program I learned a lot about finance and business at Ohio Wesleyan. I became interested in entrepreneurship when my family started a small business. I am very curious about starting my own and can't wait to learn more about entrepreneurship and make new connections. I am very excited to be a Latham scholar.