Chelsea A. Vadnie

Assistant Professor of Psychology

More Information

740 368-3811

Phillips Hall
Room 52

Brady E. Valentine

Dining Services, AVI Food Systems

Matthew P. vandenBerg


University Hall
Room 101

Melissa J. vandenBerg

Contract Employee

Stanzi L. Vaubel

Faculty Advisor in Film and Media

212 563-0255

Nico J. Veillette-Brands

Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach

Olev L. Viro

Part-Time Instructor in Performing Arts

Erin J. Vlach

Contract Employee

David A. Vogel

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

740 368-3865

Edwards Gymnasium

Matt David Vollrath

Associate Professor of Business Administration

More Information

740 368-3552

R.W. Corns
Room 212


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