Chelsea A. Vadnie


Janelle L. Valdinger

Part-Time Career Catalyst

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740 368-3152

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 324

Devin Robert Van Winkle

Volunteer Baseball Coach

Glen Vanderbilt, Jr.

Professor of Theatre and Dance

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740 368-3847

Chappelear Drama Center
Room 110

Lauren E. Vermilion

Associate Director of Advancement

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740 368-3014

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 123

Olev L. Viro

Part-Time Instructor in Music

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Dan E. Vogt

Professor of Chemistry

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740 368-3523

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 256

Matt David Vollrath

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

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740 368-3552

R.W. Corns
Room 210

Allison J. Volz

Part-Time Instructor in Education


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