Carrie M. Abahazi

Executive Assistant to the President

740 368-3002

University Hall
Room 101

Abeer M. Abdelaal

Part-Time Instructor in World Languages and Cultures

740 368-3677

University Hall
Room 318

Alia Kamal Abouzahra

Part-Time Instructor in World Languages and Cultures

Ryan L. Acker


Mindy B. Agin

Assistant Director of Career Planning and Exploration

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740 368-3152

Slocum Hall
Room 209

Ben R. Ahrens


740 368-3160

Emily C. Aiken

Baker, AVI Food Systems

740 368-3457

Owen B. Albers

Assistant Football Coach

Edwards Gymnasium

Darrell J. Albon

Administrative Director of the OWU Connections Program

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740 368-3072

Slocum Hall
Room 311

Jasmine A. Alfred

Assistant Director Of Admission

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740 368-3037

Slocum Hall
Room 305

Ashley L. Allen

Part-Time Instructor in Environment and Sustainability

740 368-3624

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 204

Lindsey DeLucas Allen

Assistant Director of Stewardship

Donor Relations

740 368-3330

Mowry Alumni Center

Christan Packard Allison

Contract Employee

740 368-3162

Stuyvesant Hall
Room 223

Mark A. Allison

Associate Professor of English

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740 368-3594

Sturges Hall
Room 216

Denisse D. Amaro Monsalves Myers

Part-Time Instructor in World Languages and Cultures

740 368-3677

Joshua D. Amer

Part-Time Instructor in Economics

Allyson K. Amstutz

Career Connection Post Graduate Intern

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740 368-3152

Slocum Hall

Barbara S. Andereck


More Information

740 368-3773

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 137

Laurel J. Anderson

Professor of Biological Sciences

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740 368-3501

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 243

Shane A. Andrews

Supervisor of Buildings and Trades

740 368-3408

Maintenance & Service Building

Renee M. Anthony

Dining Services, AVI Food Systems

Morgan L. Argabrite

Dining Services, AVI Food Systems

Krishna Arjune

Part Time Clinical Counselor

R.W. Corns
Room 316

Ric W. Arner

Public Safety Officer Part Time

Natalie Rae Artman

Research Analyst

740 203-6599

University Hall
Room 107

Kristen E. Astorian

STEM & Pre-Health Career Catalyst

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 210


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