Frank J. Fahner

Contract Employee

Heather L. Fair

Part-Time Instructor in Botany-Microbiology

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Ehtasham Farooq


740 203-6012

Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at OWU
Room 214

Beth M. Fedoush

Academic Secretary English and Comp. Lit.

740 368-3590

Sturges Hall
Room 205

Erin Lynn Ferguson

Administrative Assistant Vice President, University Enrollment

740 368-3028

Slocum Hall

Basil R. Fett

Part-Time Instructor in Music

Christopher L. Fink

Associate Professor of Health and Human Kinetics

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740 368-3768

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 107

Dan F. Fink

Part-Time Lecturer in Chemistry and Zoology

740 368-3859

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 366

Kent D. Fisher

Part-Time Instructor in Physics and Astronomy

Steve M. Flaherty


740 203-6012

Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at OWU
Room 214

Michael W. Flamm

Professor of History

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740 368-3634

Elliott Hall
Room 110

Erin L. Fletcher

Director of Ross Art Museum

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Richard M. Ross Art Museum

Lucia M. Flevares Kieser

Part-Time Instructor in Education

740 368-3216

Phillips Hall
Room 219

Erin Flynn

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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740 368-3794

Phillips Hall
Room 114

Brenda J. Fogle

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Engagement and Success

740 368-3135

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 209

Chris L. Fogle


740 368-3409

Maintenance & Service Building

Beth E. Fohl Bailey

Part-Time Instructor in Psychology

Elizabeth K. Foos

HR Generalist

740 368-3327

University Hall
Room 3

Jeffrey Ford

Part-Time Instructor in English

More Information

740 368-3564

Beeghly Library

Debbie J.P. Forest

Sales Associate

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Jody A. Forman

Academic Assistant

740 368-3667

University Hall
Room 212

Scott S. Fraker

Part-Time Instructor in Economics

James C. Franklin

Professor of Politics and Government

More Information

740 368-3934

Elliott Hall
Room 308

Whitney G. Franklin

Part-Time Assistant Professor in Politics and Government

Elliott Hall
Room 308

Greg N. Fransen


740 368-3407

Maintenance & Service Building

Lee M. Fratantuono

Professor of Classics

More Information

802 753-6555

Slocum Hall
Room 332

Ronnie C. Frazier

Custodial Service Manager


Harvey R. Freeman


740 368-3804

Fotios A. Frentsos, Jr.

Coordinator, Athletic Facilities and Equipment

More Information

740 368-3764

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 2

Bobbi J. Frey

Public Safety Office Manager

740 368-3946

Welch Hall
Room 133

Bill John Friz

Part-Time Assistant Professor in Chemistry

740 368-3908

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 366

David N. Frohman

Associate Director of Admission

More Information

Slocum Hall

Anne E. Fry


Connie S. Fuchs

Bishop Cafe

Dick D. Fusch



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