Nicole M. Galvin

Part-Time Instructor in Health and Human Kinetics

Eric J. Gangloff

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

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740 368-3892

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 331

Kaden M. Gannon

Buildings and Grounds Summer Assistant

Joshua Paul Gardner

Part-Time Instructor in Health and Human Kinetics

740 368-3982

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 107

Joni L. Garloch

Constituent Records Coordinator

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Advancement Operations

740 368-3316

Mowry Alumni Center

Allan T. Georgia

Part-Time Instructor in Philosophy and Religion

Will C. Georgic

Assistant Professor in Economics and Business

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740 368-3588

R.W. Corns
Room 218

Mandy M. Gettman

Associate Director of Advancement

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Annual Giving

740 368-3045

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 121

Amy Jo Gettys


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740 368-3364

University Hall
Room 18

Mark P. Gingerich

Professor of History

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740 368-3636

Elliott Hall
Room 103

Robert J. Gitter

Professor of Economics

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740 368-3536

R.W. Corns
Room 230

Vaishali H. Gor


740 203-6012

Christina Nicole Gordon

Office Administrator


740 368-2958

University Hall
Room 27

Zac D. Graber


740 203-6012

Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at OWU
Room 214

Brian C. Granger

Assistant Professor of Performing Arts

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Chappelear Drama Center
Room 109

Mimaco Grant

Dining Services, AVI Food Systems

Sarah Elizabeth Graves

Part-Time Lecturer in English

740 368-3103

Sturges Hall
Room 208

Cheston J. Gray

Counseling Intern

Karen S. Gray

Part-Time Instructor in Economics and Business

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740 368-3565

James B. Green

Assistant Track and Field Coach

Shane R. Green

Dining Services, AVI Food Systems

Karen J. Griebling

Part-Time Instructor in Performing Arts

Daniel C. Griffaton

OWjL Camp Counselor

Mallory Quinn Griffith


Heather J. Grunkemeyer

Associate Professor of Chemistry

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740 368-3534

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 260

Susan Gunasti

Professor of Philosophy and Religion

More Information

740 368-3829

Phillips Hall
Room 219

Hanliang Guo

Assistant Professor, Math and Computer Science


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