Mary Alice Napier

Supervisor, Smith Kitchen

Smith Hall East

Grace L. Naticchia

Part-Time Instructor in Health and Human Kinetics

Momar K. Ndiaye

Part-Time Instructor in Performing Arts

Mel Woods Nelson

Payroll and HRIS Manager

740 368-3385

University Hall
Room 3

Franchesca Victoria Nestor

Assistant Professor of Politics and Government

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740 368-3796

Elliott Hall
Room 303

Carol L. Neuman de Vegvar

Faculty Emeritus

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740 368-3603

Edgar Hall
Room 125

Patty P. Newby

Associate Director of Signature Events

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740 368-3330

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 131

Roberta A. Niche


Glenda Yael Nieto Cuebas

Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures

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740 368-3684

University Hall
Room 318

Jeffrey A. Nilan

Professor of Fine Arts

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740 368-3627

Edgar Hall
Room 309

Stefanie D. Niles

Vice President for Enrollment and Communications

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740 368-3020

Slocum Hall

Elizabeth A. Nix

Assistant Professor of Health and Human Kinetics

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740 368-3874

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 107

Michele M. Nobel

Assistant Professor of Education

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740 368-3559

Phillips Hall
Room 214

Anne M. Noonan

Testing Center Coordinator

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740 368-3857

University Hall
Room 114

Eric Nord

Contract Employee

Dana A. Nottingham

Contract Employee

Jeffrey L. Nunemacher

Professor of Math and Computer Science

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740 368-3661

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 376


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