Amanda S. Raab

Discovery Services and Cataloging Manager

740 368-3242

Beeghly Library
Room 131

Saif Rahman

Associate Professor of Economics

More Information

740 368-3542

R.W. Corns
Room 216

Scarlett N. Rebman


Bethany Johanna Reed

Assistant MW Swim and Dive Coach

740 368-3752

Edwards Gymnasium

John Benjamin Reed

Faculty Advisor, NY Arts

212 563-0255

New York Arts Program
Room 3

Kortney K. Reed

Color Guard Instructor

Maureen Ellen Reese

Associate Director of Donor Relations

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Donor Relations

740 368-3308

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 3

Dustin G. Reichard

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

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740 368-2890

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 312

Alexis M. Reichardt

Head Women's Golf Coach

Nathan T. Reichel

Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach

Edwards Gymnasium

Paul T. Reid

Head Coach, Men's Wrestling

Edwards Gymnasium

Charles Reidmiller


Brian A. Rellinger

Associate Provost for Academic Support

740 368-3131

R.W. Corns
Room 131

Betsy Ann Reser

Institutional Buyer

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740 368-3391

University Hall
Room 25

Kate N. Riffee

Part-Time Instructor in Health and Human Kinetics

Rosemary E. Riley

Part-Time Instructor in Health and Human Kinetics

Diana P. Roach


Kerri L. Robe

Bishop Access Academic Coach

740 368-3135

Bruce R. Roberts

Adjunct Professor in BOMI

740 368-3508

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 333

Hannah J. Rockwell

OWjL Camp Counselor

Amanda N. Rodenborg

Director of Accessibility Services

740 368-3990

R.W. Corns
Room 316

Alejandra Rojas Silva

Assistant Professor of Art History

More Information

Edgar Hall
Room 124

Alison M. Romanowski

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Alison Lynn Rose

Part-Time Instructor in Philosophy and Religion

740 368-3793

Phillips Hall
Room 114

Melody M. Rotondo

Head Teacher - ECC

More Information

740 368-3935

Early Childhood Center
Room 1

Nathanael Amador Rowley

Associate Professor of Environment and Sustainability

More Information

740 368-3619

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 202

Bethany A. Rudd

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

More Information

740 368-3527

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 262

Tracy Rudisill

OH5 Interim Director of Strategic Procurement

Brad Andrew Russell

Diving Coach

740 363-6610

Meek Aquatics & Recreation Center

Kristen L. Russell

Visiting Athletic Trainer

Kirk A. Rustin

Senior Systems Analyst

740 368-3126

R.W. Corns
Room 130

Eugene A. Rutigliano

Digital Initiatives Librarian/Copyright Mngr

740 368-3233

Beeghly Library
Room 205

Nancy B. Rutkowski

Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

More Information

740 368-3171

Andrea M. Ryan

Secretary for the Provost and OWU Connections

More Information

740 368-3111

University Hall
Room 107

Patricia Kinney Ryan

Volunteer Assistant Coach

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 101


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