Carl E. Laamanen

Part-Time Instructor in English

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Spencer D. Lamm

Contract Employee

Carolyn Torchia Lammert

Assistant Director, Career Catalyst

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740 368-3549

R.W. Corns
Room 220

Marie Evelyn Maxwell Lance

Part-Time Instructor in Chemistry

Brenda A. Landversicht

Ohio Health RN

Liz M. Lang

Public Services Librarian

740 368-3246

Beeghly Library
Room 138

Catherine J. Langton

Student Employment Coordinator

740 368-3370

University Hall
Room 3

Adrienne M. Lape

Part-Time Instructor in Performing Arts

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Pam A. Lasure

Part-Time Instructor In Journalism and Communication

Brittany M. Latham

Men's and Women's Club Rugby Coach

Edwards Gymnasium

Sally Speer Leber

Director of Community Service Learning

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740 368-3080

Slocum Hall
Room 306

Robert R. Lech


740 203-6012

Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at OWU
Room 214

Vicki Gardner Lefevre

Professional Writing Consultant

More Information

R.W. Corns
Room 316

Erik C. Lehmann


Brandi L. Lenz

Part-Time Instructor in Environment and Sustainability

Dave C. Lever

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 356

Kiley D. Lewin

Visiting Assistant Professor Biological Sciences

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Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 340

Debbie Sue Lewis

Administrative Assistant Gift Planning

More Information

740 368-3078

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 2

Scott Linder

Professor of Math and Computer Science

More Information

740 368-3660

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 386

Allison Rose Litmer

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Tracey L. Little

Secretary/Office Manager

More Information

740 368-3726

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 101

Christopher R. Lizak

Marching Band Director

Sanborn Hall
Room 206

Darren Dalun Lo


Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at OWU

Daniel W. Lobdell

Volunteer Assistant Coach

Stacey Jo Ungashick Lobdell

Women's Basketball Coach

More Information

740 368-3729

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 4

Zack C. Long

Associate Dean Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of English

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740 368-3596

Sturges Hall
Room 308

Marielys Lopez Maldonado

Employment Specialist

More Information

740 368-3388

University Hall
Room 3

William C. Louthan


Elliott Hall
Room 205

Janice D. Lovat

Admission Specialist

740 368-3064

Slocum Hall
Room 126

Molly G. Lovette

Senior Residential Life Coordinator

More Information

740 368-3175

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 225

Lori A. Lucas

Academic Assistant

740 368-3535

R.W. Corns
Room 225

Emily Katherine Lugg

Director of Sagan ARC

More Information

740 368-3930

R.W. Corns
Room 325


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