Direct Deposit Refunds

The Office of Student Accounts offers direct deposit as a more convenient means of providing refunds to students. Instead of mailing a check, we will deposit the funds directly into the student's bank account.  Students may enroll in direct deposit through Self Service. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for the funds to be deposited. Please see Direct Deposit for additional information. Refunds are processed and issued every Thursday. 

Financial Aid Refunds

Students may request refunds by e-mailing the Office of Student Accounts. Requests must be sent from the student’s OWU e-mail account and must include the student’s name and ID number. Students who are not enrolled in direct deposit must also include an address in their e-mail request. Refunds from non-financial aid sources will not be refunded until 14 days after the payment originally posted to the student account. Outstanding balances from Public Safety or other campus fees may be deducted before refund is processed.

Any refunds resulting from the PLUS Loan go to the parent unless specified to go to the student on the Federal PLUS Loan application. Parent borrowers who elected to receive the refund from the PLUS Loan proceeds are mailed directly to the parent borrower at the address submitted on the Parent PLUS promissory note.

OWU does not provide refunds by cash.  And checks will not be available for in person pick up. 

Withdraw Refunds

If a student withdraws from Ohio Wesleyan University, they may be eligible for a refund. Please see Refund Policy for additional information on how refunds are determined. OWU does offer refund insurance. An independently sponsored insurance program called the Tuition Refund Plan is available. We strongly urge you to consider this plan if you are concerned about receiving no refund after the ninth week of classes.

Special Notice Regarding Paper Check Refunds

Check refunds are mailed to students' home address on file.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that OWU has a correct address. Refunds that are mailed are not forwarded and are returned to the Office of Student Accounts if undeliverable. Incorrect addresses will delay the student from receiving the refund. Students that need to have their refund mailed to an address other than their local address must contact the Office of Student Accounts by e-mail.

Stop Payments

Stop payments may be requested for refund checks that have not been received 30 days after the check issue date. The student (or parent borrower for PLUS Loan proceeds) will need to e-mail the Office of Student Accounts to request the issuance of a new refund.  There will be a fee of $25 for each Stop Payment request and will be added to the student's account.





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