Student Accounts – FAQs

Where can I view my charges and due dates?

All charges post to the student account. Charges and due dates may be viewed on the Students online account and the Authorized User Portal. Instructions for finding your balance can be found here (PDF) while transactions can be found here (PDF).

How do I make a payment?

Can I enroll in a payment plan?

If you are unable to pay your tuition and fees by the first due date for a term, you can enroll in the payment plan, which will split the balance of the current term into installments. Students who wish to enroll may do so by logging into their Self Service and selecting “Make a Payment”. From here, you will be logged into the Nelnet Payment Portal site and you will click “Set Up a Payment Plan”. Authorized users may also enroll through the Authorized User Portal. Additional information can be found through the step by step instructions found here (PDF).

How can I set up an authorized user?

  1. Login to your OWU Self-Service
  2. Click on the Finances tab, then click on Make a Payment. This should take you to the Nelnet site.
  3. On the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen, the student clicks My Profile
  4. Click Add in the Manage Payers section
  5. Authorized Party (AP) Information: Complete the First and Last Name fields.
  6. Students can check to “Include the Details” that make up my balance. This allows the authorized party to view the transaction details that make up the student's balance.
  7. Authorized Party Authentication: The authorized party will receive an email invitation to create an online account. For security purposes, they will have to know the correct answer to this security question to gain access to create an online user account. The AP should contact the student if they don't know the answer to this security question.
  8. Web Access: The student determines whether the authorized party can create an online account by entering their email address. Upon saving, an email will generate to the authorized party inviting them to create a user account.

Where can I find information on the Bookstore?

First Day Complete is a partnership with Barnes and Noble to provide affordable books to our students at the start of the semester. For more information please click the link here

How do I request a refund?

 At the start of each semester student's who are eligible for a refund will be contacted via email with instructions on how to set up direct deposit or how to decline and leave the credit for future term balances. If a student elects not to receive a refund they will be added to the "do not refund" list until we receive email confirmation of change. Student refunds will be processed within 14 days of the account balance showing a credit. Refunds from non-financial aid sources will not be refunded until 14 days after the payment originally posted to the student account. Outstanding balances from Public Safety or other campus fees may be deducted before refund is processed.

How do I pay my parking ticket?

Click HERE to appeal for parking tickets.  Click HERE to pay your ticket online.

How do I get refunded if I withdraw from OWU?

If a student withdraws from Ohio Wesleyan University, they may be eligible for a refund. Please see Refund Policy for additional information on how refunds are determined. OWU does offer refund insurance. An independently sponsored insurance program called the Tuition Refund Plan is available. We strongly urge you to consider this plan if you are concerned about receiving no refund after the ninth week of classes.

Why do I have a late fee and/or financial hold?

Student accounts will detail charges and payments, including all applicable due dates. Balances not on a payment plan and are past due will be assessed a monthly 1.0% late payment fee.

If financial responsibilities have not been met, a student will receive a financial hold on their student account. Students with a financial hold are not eligible for registration for future terms and are prevented from obtaining records such as transcripts and grades. In addition, students whose accounts are not paid in full at the time of graduation will not receive a diploma.

What is Form 1098-T?

Form 1098-T is a statement colleges and universities are required to issue to certain students. It provides the total dollar amount paid to your student account for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses during the tax year (January through December). The student, or the person that claims the student as a dependent, may be able to claim an education credit on their tax return. To see if you qualify for the credit, see Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education (PDF) and Form 8863, Education Credits (PDF).

What are qualified tuition and related expenses?

Internal Revenue Service regulations define qualified tuition and related expenses as tuition and fees required to be paid to the institution as a condition of the student’s enrollment or attendance. Qualified fees include the instructional fee, the general fee, the nonresident fee, technology fees, course fees, books, supplies, and equipment that are required for courses. Specifically excluded are: room and board, insurance, medical expenses (such as student health fees), transportation/parking, travel, equipment and other expenses that are not required for enrollment, and personal expenses.

How do I get a copy or reprint of my 1098-T?

The Form 1098-Ts are prepared and issued by our partner, ECSI. To view and/or print a copy, please visit and follow the directions.

Why does Form 1098-T only show transaction for the calendar year and not the academic year?

Ohio Wesleyan University is required by the IRS to report on a calendar year basis which is January 1 to December 31. The University can only report amounts to the IRS that posted to the student account between those dates.

Where can I go for help in understanding Form 1098-T?

For general information on Form 1098-T and the related tax credits/deductions, you can also review the information available from the IRS in Publication 970 (Tax Benefits for Education). If you have questions about how to compute your education tax credit, you should consult a qualified tax professional or review Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center.  If you have specific questions about amounts on Form 1098-T from Ohio Wesleyan University, you can contact the Office of Student Accounts at OWU is unable to provide individual tax advice.

What do the amounts on the form represent?

  • Box 1. Payments Received for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses: This box includes all payments from any source (including financial aid) made for qualifying tuition and fees during a calendar year. 
  • Box 2 (not used). Amounts Billed for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses: This box includes Tuition, Student Activity Fees, and Course Fees but will not be reported per IRS regulations.
  • Box 3. Checkbox for Change of Reporting Method: This box will only be checked if Ohio Wesleyan changes the reporting method (from amounts billed to payments received).
  • Box 4. Adjustments Made for a Prior Year: This box is used to report changes in qualified charges posted to your account previously reported in prior years.
  • Box 5. Scholarships or Grants. This box reports the amount of scholarships or grants posted to your account applicable to the calendar year.
  • Box 6. Adjustments to Scholarships or Grants for a Prior Year: This box is used to report reductions in scholarships or grants previously reported in prior years on the 1098-T.
  • Box 7. Checkbox for Amounts for an Academic Period Beginning in January through March of the Following Calendar Year: This box will be checked if qualified tuition and related expenses are billed in November but classes begin in January.
  • Box 8. Check if at Least Half-Time Student: This box will be checked if the student was at least a half-time student during any academic period during the calendar year.
  • Box 9. Check if a Graduate Student: This box will be checked if the student was a graduate student; or if the student was enrolled in a program or programs leading to a graduate-level degree, graduate level certificate, or other recognized graduate level educational credential. Since OWU has no graduate students or classes, this box will not be checked on your 1098-T.
  • Box 10. Insurance Contract Reimbursement or Refunds: This box will be blank.

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