Payment Plans

Spring 2023 

We offer a four-payment plan as shown below in the chart.  If you choose to not enroll in a payment plan, the single due date for the Spring Semester is January 4th.  Balances remaining on the student account after these dates will be assessed a 1% service fee monthly unless you are enrolled and currently in a payment plan. 

All payment plan payments are drawn from a bank account or credit card designated by the student or Authorized User. The fee to enroll in a payment plan is $40 per semester. All payment plans are due on the 21st of each month.

Cut off for enrollment in the 4-payment option is December 16th, the 3-payment plan cut off date is January 19, and the 2-payment plan cut off is February 17

Please note: Your payment plan will need to be current to register for the upcoming semester. 

Payment Plan Due Dates

Fall 2022 Spring 2023 

July 26

December 21

August 30

January 21

September 26

February 21

October 26

March 21


Enrolling in a Payment Plan

You can enroll in the plan by visiting Self Service.  Once you log in to the Self-Service Center, click on the "Finance tab" and select "Make a Payment" to access your student account.  From here you can see your statements, set up a payment plan, review your detail, make a payment, and set up Authorized Payers.  Click on Self Service Access on the right side of this page for more information.

Questions, email or call Nelnet at 888-486-4722 for technical assistance with your plan. If you terminate/cancel your payment plan it cannot be reinstated. 

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