The NOT Top 10

10. Tutoring is not expensive. It is free.

9. Tutoring is not only for students who are in danger of flunking. It is for anyone who could use a little extra help.

8. Tutoring is not just about content. It is about study skills, too.

7. Tutoring is not passive. It is active learning.

6. Tutoring is not a time for socializing. A tutoring session is a time for working on the subject you are studying.

5. Tutoring is not a venue for complaining about your professor. If you have problems with your professor, go through the proper channels to resolve them. Start with the professor.

4. Tutoring is not a way to get your homework done for you. This is cheating. You won't learn much by letting someone else do your work.

3. Tutoring is not a place for take-home exams. Cheating, again.

2. Tutoring is not a substitute for reading assignments. To get the most out of your tutoring sessions, read your assignments before meeting with your tutor.

1. Tutoring is not a substitute for going to class. Tutoring builds on a foundation that begins with going to class. In fact, you should take your class notes to your tutoring sessions so that your tutor can clarify confusing points.

– Paula Ford, Coordinator, Learning Resource Center at Penn State

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