The Woltemade Center is guided by an Alumni and Community member Advisory Board. They dedicate expertise, knowledge, leadership and financial resources to the mission of The Center.

The Woltemade Center Advisory Board provides leadership and support to Ohio Wesleyan University and The Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship. The Board helps to build strong relationships between the business community and the School by encouraging organizations to engage interns, recruit students, employ graduates, participate in executive education, and contribute to student learning through mentoring, experiential projects and classroom visits. They assist in meeting the financial objectives of the Woltemade Center and its programs.

The Woltemade Center Advisory Board meets twice a year at Ohio Wesleyan University. Meetings typically coincide with the Board of Trustees meetings in the fall and spring.

2020 - 2021 Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilities

Advisory Board Members – actively engaged; contributes financially to the Center annually

Doug Dittrick ’55

Jason J. Dopoulos ’03

Jason R. Downey ’02
* Chair

Andres Duarte ’65

Robert W. Gillespie ’66

Carol Hilkirk Latham ’61

Kevin J. McGinty ’70

Anand Narayan ’91

James W. Pry II ’67

Kevin L. Ramsier ’93

George L. Romine ’67

L. Ried Schott ’69


David B. St. Pierre ’90


Andy T. Warnock ’06

* Vice Chair



Evan R. Corns ’59
Lloyd Ferguson ’62
Phillip J. Meek ’59
Louis A. Simpson ’58
Susan K. Woerner ’69

Junior – actively engaged; annual financial contributions

Farooq Busari ’10
Kumar Chheda ’05
Lindsey Gale ’98

Timothy W. Junglas ’06