All computer/tablet purchases must be facilitated through the University purchasing department and adhere to University and department specific procurement and technology policies and procedures (i.e. information security and responsible use, etc). Computer/tablet purchases made outside of the University purchasing system or not adhering to these policies and procedures risk not being processed, paid, reimbursed, or supported.  Standard computers allow OWU to standardize support, repairs, parts, warranty work, etc.  It also allows the University to negotiate reduced pricing, free shipping, and acquire sales tax exemption on our account by ordering computers collectively under the same agreement.  All computers/tablets purchased or reimbursed with university funds are the property of the University and will be marked as OWU property.

 All computer purchases conform to a set of university standard models, with the following exceptions:

    a.  Faculty whose teaching and research responsibilities require an alternative to the preferred supplier(s) and/or standard models.

    b.  Administrators and staff whose specific technical, environmental or functional job responsibilities require an alternative to the preferred supplier(s) and/or standard models.

 All exceptions require the approval of the employee’s Dean/Vice President, and the Chief Information Officer.

To place an order or for more details, please search these items within the Bishopbuy procurement system.  All standard computers have negotiated rates, free shipping, and sales tax-exempt status pre-configured in the procurement site. PC items are usually purchased through HP and Mac items are purchased through Apple or CDW-G. Then, enter a BishopWorks hardware request. Information Services will review your request and assign the ticket to Purchasing to complete the order.

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