Sales Tax Exemption

Ohio Wesleyan University has tax-exempt status and, as a result, is exempt from most federal and sales tax depending upon the type of purchase and location of the supplier. Under no circumstances is the University required to pay Ohio sales tax. A business may require that you present a tax-exempt form; however, in most cases, the tax ID number will be enough information.

Purchases Made in Ohio

The University is exempt from sales tax within the State of Ohio. Employees may take advantage of this tax exemption status by making a purchase through BishopBuy or with a PCard. Purchases made with cash or with a personal credit card are subject to sales tax.

In order to ensure that sales tax will not be charged, notify the vendor before the transaction that you are making a tax-exempt purchase for Ohio Wesleyan University. If requested, please present the vendor with a copy of the University's Blanket Exemption Certificate for Ohio. 

Purchases Made in Other States

Purchases made online or by mail order that are shipped to Ohio are also exempt from sales tax. In order to claim a sales tax exemption, make sure to notify the vendor that you are making a purchase for Ohio Wesleyan University and that the University is exempt from tax in the State of Ohio.

Tax Exemption Certificates

Use the list below to obtain tax exemption certificates for purchases made within Ohio or from another State. If a state is not listed in the table below, no tax exemption certificate is currently available and sales tax will be charged. When making online purchases in which are being shipped to Ohio be sure to use the Ohio certificate. Only use other state certificates when you are physically in that state making the purchase.  

The University is exempt in the following states. Click on each state name to print the form (all forms are in PDF* format)

The states of Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon charge no sales tax.

State guidelines do not allow OWU to be tax exempt in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, or Virginia.

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