The Bishop ACCESS staff  uses  a case-management model to provide integrated and comprehensive support to students through a range of services and resources:

  • 60 minutes of coaching per week, as well as email and phone support
  • Individualized Success Plan (ISP)
  • Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)
  • Minimum of 6 hours of supervised study table per week with academic coaching and peer tutoring support
  • Workshops and final-exam support
  • Student Success Network
  • Communication with parents
  • Secondary advising support
  • Focus on career readiness for third and fourth year students
  • End-of-semester student progress report

Goals of Bishop ACCESS

Bishop ACCESS coaches are committed to helping students achieve the following goals:

  • Enhancing executive functioning and study skills
  • Increasing awareness of strengths and challenges inside and outside the classroom
  • Learning about campus resources and using them in timely and strategic ways
  • Developing self-advocacy and decision-making skills