Nick Adams '19

"This last summer I had the great opportunity to intern at Delaware County Economic Development.  It was a great learning experience to gain knowledge and get a great insight into the economic development world.  We always see the end product of a new business or mall being opened, but learning the process of how all the pieces fit together to get to this final product is very rewarding.  My knowledge base from my economics studies at Ohio Wesleyan helped me a tremendous amount.  It was this knowledge that helped me complete a study on the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation sector of the economy within Delaware County.  I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in economics or development in general."

Taimur Iftikhar '20

"I have been an intern at Human Connections, in Bucerias Nayarit, Mexico for almost 2 months now and it has been a life changing experience for me. At Human Connections, I have designed a framework for the organization which will help it expand its business. I have worked with a lot of numbers, analyzing revenues, costs, and figuring out how can the organization continue to increase its profits while at the same time keep alive the principles of Responsible tourism which is what it believes in. I have also worked with local artisans to help them expand their business too. It was the OWU career services that told me about the internship and helped me get the Blaine E. Grimes Grant and the SIP grant to help me cover the expenses for the internship. I am eternally grateful to OWU for this life-changing experience."

Liz Knowlton '19

"This summer I have been working for J.P. Morgan Chase in their Columbus office as a Corporate Analyst Development Program summer intern. I am part of the Transfer Agent Management and Support team within Asset Management. I have been assigned to many projects that have benefited both internal and external clients. I was also afforded the opportunity to build a strong network across the lines of business and across the world. This experience has strengthened my communication and collaboration abilities as well as many other professional skills while learned to thrive in the firm’s integral corporate culture."

Emily McKinley '21

"This summer I worked as the Learning and Development Intern at Worthington Industries. Learning and Development is a section of HR that focuses on growing leadership and extending learning throughout the company. For most of the summer, I was working on creating a resource that would be available to all employees that covers the gaps in understanding there are within the subject of finance. For this project, I interviewed directors, managers, and various other employees to find what gaps they have noticed in employees understanding of financial topics such as ratios and financial statements. I then made a large survey that I sent out to 112 employees to hear more opinions on specific topics. Finally, I was able to create the resource and fill it with information that will be beneficial to all employees and will help them extend their understanding of finance. Along with this project I worked on pulling, organizing and verifying data, scheduling classes, observing classes and assisting with the creation of new learning programs. This has been a great experience that has helped me grow my business skills in many ways such as Excel, communication, interviewing and program creation."

Allisa Schuller '18 (winter)

"This summer I interned for Spark Foundry, a media agency in Seattle, WA. It was easily one of the most amazing experiences of my life. During my time at Spark, I worked most closely with the clients of REI and Starbucks. In various campaigns, I developed tactical plans, concept plans, perceptual maps and created target markets for different products and video series. As a team, we were always collaborating and talking through new ideas. On some occasions, I got the opportunity to visit REI's campus and the Starbucks headquarters with my directors to present our new ideas and campaigns to the clients. Spark was a fantastic agency, and because of the experience they gave me, I am ready for whatever is to come in December when I graduate."

Will Sharer '18 (winter)

"This summer I have been interning for FlashStarts Inc. as a marketing specialist.  FlashStarts is a micro-venture capital firm and startup accelerator.  They invest seed money into tech startups who they then provide resources and mentorship to so that the companies can grow quickly.  As an intern, I am one of the resources that are available to the new businesses.  I work for up to 4 different startups each week doing a wide variety of marketing related projects.  I have worked a lot with social media and email marketing as well as copywriting and website design/management.

I also had the pleasure to be a part of The Summer on the Cuyahoga cohort this summer.  SOTC is an internship program that is designed to let student interns experience many of the great things that the city of Cleveland has to offer.  Every student in the cohort is housed at Cleveland State and gets the opportunity to participate in various events around the city.  A few of my favorite events included, a bike tour of Cleveland, Cleveland Indians games, 3 different museum tours, and a behind the scenes look at The Cleveland Zoo.  Overall, this was a great summer for me and I would highly recommend both the SOTC program and FlashStarts to any student."